I’m Sahil, lawyer by week and photographer/traveler at both ends of it.

Having lived in India entirely so far, I've been fortunate to travel extensively and have lived in the North, South, East & West of this wonderful country.

The mountains and the rawness they offer are my first love and I find myself turning to them every time I think of a quick getaway from the urban routine. The Himalayas are the source of a tremendous sense of calm and inspiration that have had a magnetic draw I find inexplicable. Could be a result of schooling and belonging in their foothills in the town of Dehra Dun or maybe it’s just a wanton love for the great outdoors, but proximity to the mountains are a major reason why I find myself in Delhi.

Bucket List
Here’s a list of some places, in no particular order, that I hope to hit up over the next few years and some others that have been on the bucket list for ever :)
New Zealand
South Africa

Enjoy going through the galleries and feel free to write to me.


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Instagram: @sahil_vohra

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