Anandbir & Kanika

Kanika & Anandbir

When I saw Sahil hanging on to his camera getting in to strange positions to capture ‘the moment’ I couldn’t really figure out what he was up to. But my perception about his passion for photography changed after my wedding. His wedding photographs were classy and very different from the usual. The best part about his pictures is that he manages to catch people off guard, which brings out the very best of a moment. If I had to enact my wedding again there’s only one thing I would change and that is to make Sahil take a million more photographs. I wish him the best in his future endeavours and I’m sure he will not disappoint any assignment he takes on.
Aditya & Kariba (1)

Kariba & Aditya Kohli

Weddings I feel is a time when everything for the bride & groom’s a complete blurrrr!!!!! It’s up to the photographer to take you back to those days for the rest of your lives. After seeing Sahil’s candid photography, I realized that him shooting our wedding was absolutely the BEST thing that could’ve happened for us.
Navdeep & Sifti (7)

Sifti & Navdeep

The way you’ve captured our memories so vibrantly, you have made revisiting them even more pleasurable! The way you participated and engaged with us, you parted as a friend! Our special moments would have been incomplete without your art and spirit… thank you Sahil, for telling my story so well!
Dhruv & Anuradha (1)

Anuradha & Dhruv

They say you see the artist in the art he creates. Sahil’s pictures therefore will capture every single frenzy, every crazy and naughty moment, and everything of your wedding that you’d want to savour long after you’re married. Colour and craze is his forte.
Aditya & Kriti (3)

Aditya & Kriti

Our wedding photo experience with Sahil was exceptional! It was almost surreal when we received our photos. We highly recommend him for any photography needs. He has a great personality and we are confident he’ll make it as much fun as he did for us. Great job Sahil!
Anusha & Rahul

Anusha & Rahul

We were a little nervous about finding the right photographer for our wedding but once we came across Sahil’s site, we were convinced he was the right photographer. Sahil doesn’t force staged moments, he just happens to somehow be there when those moments happen naturally. Some photographs he captured during the bridal games were exceptional and each has its own tale. Whenever I look at these photographs it never stops with just the series of events as they happened, but gives a complete picture of how the whole place was filled with happiness and joy. In short, the tone of the day really shines through in the pictures. Thanks for some great photography 🙂
Swapnil & Shubhangi (2)

Shubhangi & Rohit

Sahil is simply amazing! I LOVED my wedding photos! I will cherish these images forever! The pictures he took are stunning, vibrant in color and so lively. Sahil also had a very unique ability to sneak into scenes to snag a picture without making his presence obvious. I feel this is really important as he’s able to capture scenes without making people feel self-conscious or that they have to pose because he is around. Very prompt about returning phone calls and emails. I loved working with him!
Amit & Timsy

Timsy & Amit

A big thanks for capturing the most precious moments of our life in such a beautiful manner Sahil. You’ve done an incredible job… Couldn’t have asked for better pictures… The result is far better than expectations. Thanks a lot 🙂
Arpit & Shikha

Shikha & Arpit

Having asked you to shoot my wedding was a great decision. These are moments I would want to look at time and again. For the people who plan to utilize the services of this genius behind the lens, sit back and you’ll be amazed to see the wonderful moments captured. Loved his photography!!!

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A self-taught shutterbug, I believe in shooting incognito and have a blast shooting you (pun much intended!) in your elements!

The idea is, to let you be you. It’s your big day, and why would anyone want to change who you really are? If poor jokes crack you up, great! Two left feet at the sangeet? – no worries, I’ll make you look good! Grinning at the vidaai? – awesome! You are the protagonists at your wedding, and should be allowed to behave like the stars you are.

Sit back and relax… enjoy yourself while I do! You’ll see it in the pictures!

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